Initial release of WiFi Probe

Published on 10/23,2011

Today, I have released the initial version of my first Android app, WiFi Probe. It is a WiFi scanner that has the ability to probe an open wireless network for Internet connectivity.

I got the idea when I was on holiday in the States and was always looking for free WiFis, since I do not have an international plan for data roaming. I quickly got fed up with switching from WiFi settings to the browser and back, just to try if the shiny open wireless network was in fact a free one and not in some way password protected. So I got the idea for an app that does the check automatically.

You can find the app in the Android market: WiFi Probe in android market

If you like the app or have any suggestions, feel free to drop comments on this site.


  1. 12/28, 2011 | 08:49

    I was in Starbucks the other day where they have a free wifi but the app didn't find it. Turned out you had to browse to their welcome page and press a CONNECT button - no user name or password fields. This is probably quite common. Is there anyway the app could be modified to cope with thid scenario and automatically connect ?

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